Community Awareness Notice about so Called Islamic Peace Conference 2013 by IREA

Hi Everyone 

Imam Kabbah Sheikh Sudais is not coming to Melbourne on IREA Peace Conference in March 2013. 

I announce this with great pain and sorrow that the person named Wasim Razvi is holding fund raising dinners and programs in Melbourne and collecting thousands of dollars from the community in the name of Imam Kabbah Sheikh Sudais visit to Melbourne.

One of the Muslim community senior Representative has today spoken to Mr. Suleman (Dawah Department) of Saudi Embassy in Canberra. Mr Suleiman has told that he is not aware of any visit of Sheikh Sudais Imam of Kabbah to Melbourne on IREA so called Peace Conference. Mr Suleiman forwarded the call to Saudi Ambassador Office and even the ambassador replied that there is no confirmation or answer from Imam Kabbah office that he is coming to Melbourne even though there is only few days left in the conference. 

Everyone in the community knows that Wasim Razvi has confirmed this in several gatherings that Imam Sudais has confirmed his attendance for Melbourne Islamic Peace Conference.

Wasim Razvi is so called Islamic Scholar with absolutely no Islamic Degree or Knowledge and he has been mobilizing sisters and women from Islamic community for this noble cause. We would like to bring the attention of ICV, AFIC and all Muslim Organizations in Australia and specially in Melbourne to be aware and vigilant of such money looters who are playing with the innocent hearts of Islamic population for their money making and cheap popularity.

This guy Wasim Razvi has spent hundreds and thousands of dollars to erect billboards in and around Melbourne. Money collected from innocent people is being utilized by this liar, Wasim Rizvi on branding his personal image. Most of his billboards contain his own portrait with finger being pointed at front. This is totally un Islamic and un Australian way of branding Islam image. No one has ever done this cheap personal publicity in Australian Islamic Community. He is soon under the investigation of ASIC for funds collection and their disbursement. Innocent people have given thousand of dollars in cash with no record. 

May we appeal to Victorian Australian community to not send their young kids specially girls and women to attend his programs. He is also under investigation by authorities. 

For further verification regarding Imam Kabbah visit to Melbourne, please call Saudi Embassy Canberra on 02-62507000.